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signal_smoke, (previously known as icon_duet) is the icon journal of kinetic_daze, cutentg, & darigon.

All the icons and icon-related things in this community are from the hard work of the maintainers. Please don't enter these into icontests, or claim them as your own work. Be respectful, as we go on a system of honesty, and we expect you to be honest. Also, please do not alter our work by any means.

Upload to your own photo storage space, such as Photobucket or imageshack. This is just respectful towards us, as our bandwidth will remain low.

This current layout was made by refuted, and modified by urbanism.


You can find the detailed list of our affiliates, including icon samples here.
Request affiliation here.
urbanism @ occurred
fearthechopstic @ chopstickicons
exhero @ papermoon_icons
sakura_201 @ kanrinin
boutique @ clampesque
quitty @ grafikitty
wildmusings & throw_rocks @ icontradiction
techno @ soulspring
sorrowneptune @ nocturnelorelei
ciitrus @ robotiic
mizugazipan @ mizugazipan
tokyonoir, casanovas & allsunday @ robotsex
ryin_ryuiji & sarajayechan @ fireandwind
soifon & lisamio @ iconists
consequences @ imladris713
obakehoshi @ triltaison
jougen_no_tsuki @ daisukicons
amelia_124 @ rubianca_icons
lassos, heartlaced, & friendships @ magicker_icons
siofrafiore, & sublimeardeur @ siofra_iconage
meowshi @ meowshi_icons
laylea, togekid, & neonclover @ trinity_icons
chibichan, indelible_scars, & guide_light @ afterain_icons

Colorful Gemma Ward Header in the userinfo was made by chopstickicons :O

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Started on 11/7/06